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Artist? I guess so.
I'm a savant (I suppose) of the drawn line and mixed color, who'd love to really build up my portfolio for my own enjoyment.
Have we met before? I'm usually all over the place, perhaps you've bumped into a Summerdown profile once...

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Settled in, say hi

Posted by ESummerdown - December 18th, 2018

It's been what? Ten days since I got this account?
Hmm... Let's toy around with it more.

All you fellows reading this, tell me about yourself if you'd like. Show your arts,state your business, simply present your existence before me. I just might reach out.

I just like it when people say hi. ^~^


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Hey welcome to NG ^^ i've seen you around i think once before so hi ^^ if you ever have questions you can always ask for who am i? i am a nonbinary, pansexual, writer artist and new to the thing making audio ^^ that's basically it i guess? just started with digital art and yah people say i am intressting but i am not so sure but that's fine mabey a bit weird but that's all :p anyway welcome again and mabey i'll see you around.

Maybe so. ^~^
I took a look into your profile and liked what I saw. (and listened to.) Methinks I can enjoy following you for a spell. Glad to meet ya.

@NyanaCreation @ESummerdown haha i hope i can make you enjoy more of my work in the future ^^ i'll deventually do more as well as try my best to get better. thanks for checking me out ^^ i am glad to meet you to.

Hey, this place is definitely better than what's left of Tumblr! ;) Welcome aboard!

Well put. And nice to meet ya. ^~^

welcome new friend iam a weird person who likes wierd things and werid art Very nice

We're a real pair, huh? Glad to have ya around.

Nice to meet you too! Also can attest, @RAMUSH is an interesting dude! :)