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Oho this is radical!
I'm not too familiar with "The Witcher" except for just surface-level stuff, but I know a good Geralt drawing when I see one. And I'm lookin' at it. ^~^

If it's one thing I love seeing, it's progression overtime.
And this sweet puddin's a fabulous example of that.

For drawing practically all the Warios in the world, in true Wario-ian fasion, I thank you.
This is a truly ROTTEN image. XD

Hehehe. Yeah it's definitely a compelling "hat". ^~^

I must say, your drawing here is definitely in the Nintendo-ian style. (Except for the "hat," which Nintendo itself would blush for having on an E-game.) However it is you get that wonderful chalky book-like texture on the lines, it's magical. ^~^

God that Bowsette already seems like forever ago.

I really like this rendition of her, although I must note her shoulders are a little on the pronounced side in spite of the angle it's set in. (They'd work wonderfully if the eyeview were more above her.)

Kudos to the color choices. Everything here looks bright and soft to the eyes. ^~^

I must profess, I'm an instant fan of this Maia character. From the way she wears her hair, to that macabe eye-mouth she has, to her color-scheme and style.

Didn't expect myself liking something pumpkin-spiced, though this is an excellent exception. ^~^

Oh gosh! I almost forgot about this wicked crossover with Luigi, Cpt. Falcon, and Fist of the North Star.
Of course the best Luigi is the terrifying one. ^~^

Your ghosty's pretty nice, dude. I'm particularly happy with how her fiery effects make her seem... fluffy. ^~^

Heh! Not everything's great for a lil' brother plumber who happens to be cute as a button. <3

This calls to my mind the several cyber/horror/punk media permutations of which I've been a fan of. (Particularly reminds me of the art directions in Quake II, Doom 3, or Pandorum.)
Very cool. ^~^

Artist? I guess so.
I'm a savant (I suppose) of the drawn line and mixed color, who'd love to really build up my portfolio for my own enjoyment.
Have we met before? I'm usually all over the place, perhaps you've bumped into a Summerdown profile once...

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